NETlab Talks Presents: “Digital Games and Model Practices in Education”

Educational Game and Lego History

"Is it possible to adapt a 'serious game' for educational purposes?", "Is it possible to use games in schools to motivate students who have a learning disability?", "Compared to many other discontinued series, what made LEGO Technic so important for the past 40 years?"
  • Lars Konzack – Kopenhagen University

Digital Game and Education

"How would you define the collaboration of students, in a classroom, that are on different levels, playing the same game?", "Do task based systems, inherent to the games, work well in education?", "Are single-player games more useful than multiplayer games in education?" and more...
  • Santeri Koivisto – TeacherGaming LLC

Digital Game and Education

"What kind of skills are needed in the upcoming decade for the students?", "What would be the important aspects of designing games for the children?", "What would be the parents's role in a game-based learning environment?"
  • Lauri Järvilehto – Lightneer Inc.

Intergenerational Gaming

"How does the 'flow' works in games targeted for an elderly audience?", "What are your thoughts on intergenarational gaming?", "What kind of games are most preferred for the intergenerational gaming?" and more...
  • Hannah Marston – The Open University


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Producer: Ergin Şafak Dikmen, Levent Y. İnce
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