New Media Research Laboratory


We explore the relationship between technology, culture and society. In addition to the projects we carry out with different institutions and organizations, we offer a collaborative space for academics, students and practitioners interested in media studies.

What does NETlab do?


We study new communication technologies and digital communication ecosystems. In addition to academic publications, we carry out various national and international projects and organize scientific events.


Scientific studies need to reach a wider audience in accordance with the dynamics of the internet. In this direction, we contribute to interdisciplinary cooperation by bringing together scientists from different fields through the website.


We carry out training and consultancy activities on the use of new media technologies and content production for social media. In this direction, we cooperate with universities, government agencies and NGOs and share the prepared content through and social media platforms.


We develop innovative content and digital projects for the internet and virtual reality environments. We develop communication strategies for research projects, produce video interviews, training videos, multimedia content, interactive new media documentaries, data visualization, animations and virtual reality content, as well as digitization of historical materials.



We believe in open science and the importance of using new digital tools effectively. For this reason, we provide databases for researchers and new media enthusiasts and develop digital tools that solve the problems encountered in information production and sharing.

We facilitate access to information by developing projects on mapping digital ecosystems and data visualization. We follow and announce new media events and provide the opportunity to review past scientific events by creating an open archive.

  • Scientific Events Calendar

    With our conference database you can browse important dates and web sites of conferences, panels and symposiums on new media and communication studies.

  • Media Labs Map

    Mapping Media Lab Project compile on the global scale laboratories and research centers conducting research on new media and communication studies.

  • Digital Tools

    On this page you can find platform and software recommendations related to data visualization, audiovisual design, academic literature, qualitative data analysis and artificial intelligence.

NETlab Talks

From Amateur to Professional Content Creation - Anıl Şahin

Photography from Analog to Digital - Nadir Ede

Metaverse and Journalism - Clara Schmelck

Youtube Content Production - Prof. Dr. Erkan Saka

Society 5.0 – Yıldız Tuğba Kurtuluş Kara

Broadcasting and Digital Gaming - Pelin "Pqueen" Baynazoğlu

New Media and ‘Geek’ Culture – Geekyapar

From virtual races to real tracks – Cem Bölükbaşı

Broadcasting and Digital Gaming - Tuna "Pintipanda" Akşen & Mete Özbey

Digital Gaming and Broadcasting - Gözde "Miafitz" Demiral

Data Visualization - Martin Krzywinski (en)

Critical Internet Research - Geert Lovink (en)

Becoming Successful in the Gaming Industry – Tansu Kendirli

Aging Studies in Türkiye - Prof. Dr. Özgür Arun

Innovative Research Methods: Cinema and Datathon - Aydın Çam